BJP 21 player games Secretary Anupam Hazra (Photo/पत्ती गेम)
BJP 21 player games Secretary Anupam Hazra (Photo/पत्ती गेम)

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पत्ती गेम | Updated: Nov 08, 2021 00:01 IST

New basketball foul gif [India], November 8 (पत्ती गेम): Following the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) 21 player games Executive meeting addressed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in basketball foul gif on Sunday, party 21 player games Secretary Anupam Hazra said the Prime Minister asked everyone to contact old party workers.
Speaking to पत्ती गेम, Hazra said, "PM Modi gave messages on many matters in the meeting. Mainly, he asked everyone to contact the old party workers. He told us to prepare a list of them at the district level and organise a meeting with them."
"PM also said that the old workers have a lot of experience which we can also get from them. He said that we have to strengthen the database of our old workers. We have to see how the new people can learn from them," Hazra said.

Hazra said PM Modi emphasised staying in touch with the old workers and connecting with people in village festivals.
The BJP 21 player games Secretary further said, "Apart from this, PM Modi also directed us to focus on strengthening our booths. He said that the booth workers are the biggest key players for the management during elections."
The Prime Minister addressed BJP's national executive meet in the national capital on Sunday where he asked leaders to act as a bridge of faith between the party and the people.
Other than Prime Minister, Union Home Minister Amit Shah, BJP chief JP Nadda and various other senior leaders attended the party's national executive meeting on Sunday. A discussion was held regarding election strategy in seven states that will go to Assembly polls next year.
The seven states slated to have Assembly elections in 2022 are Goa, Manipur, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat. (पत्ती गेम)