Gold Media brings Barbie Maan and Sidhu Moosewala for the latest music video 'MOH'
Gold Media brings Barbie Maan and Sidhu Moosewala for the latest music video 'MOH'

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junga watch online | Updated: Nov 06, 2021 12:33 IST

New british english basketball [India], November 6 (junga watch online/ATK): Punjabi music is by far the most catchy and loved musical genre in India. Its tunes are upbeat that can make any mood better. Be it weddings, parties or any other events, Punjabi songs are dominant across the music industry.
One of the profound music and film companies, Gold Media in recent times have discovered new gems and have made them household names in India and across borders. And now, the music company is back with a bang with their latest song 'MOH', sung by Barbie Maan featuring Sidhu Moosewala.
Gold Media is synonymous with musical hits and has produced some of the massive hits under its name. The production company has produced an ocean of hit music like 'Ajj Kal Ve' by Barbie Maan & Sidhu Moosewala, 'Teri Gali' by Barbie Maan & Guru Randhawa, 'Cute Jeha' by Barbie Maan & Dilpreet Dhillon, 'Liv-in' by Barbie Maan & Prem Dhillon, 'Jaan' by Barbie Maan & Shree Brar, 'Suit' by Barbie Maan, 'Gaddi Ch' Yaar by Kamal Khaira & Parmish Verma, 'Viah' by Barbie Maan, 'Happy Birthday' by Ginny Mahindru, 'Gangster Bande' by Shree Brar, 'Akhiyan' by Barbie Maan feat. Mr MNV and 'Canada' by Noor Tung.
The romantic music video 'MOH' is out on the official YouTube channel of Gold Media. The soothing track is shot in London and has got all the desi Indian vibes with a typical Punjabi fervour to it. After listening to 'MOH', one thing's sure shot guaranteed that the song grows on you and will be on loop in your music playlist.
Talking about the same, Barbie says, "My team GOLD MEDIA has made this project possible with their vision and hardwork. The whole team worked on the song wholeheartedly with Sidhu. He is indeed a great person and an artist to work with. I learnt so much from him".

The music company has associated with Barbie Maan many times in the past and every collaboration has been no less than fireworks. 'MOH' has once again brought two powerhouses of the Punjabi music industry to create a storm.
The success rate of Gold Media continues to prove why it is one of the best music companies in the industry. It has collaborated with many musical artists, and almost every melody has broken the internet with millions of views.
Apart from the enchanting tunes, Barbie Maan has left her fans impressed with her vocals and of course, her impeccable beauty in the song. As the song continues to get admiration from the audience, the singer expressed her gratitude to fans for showering immense love to her latest track. Last but not the least, the pioneers behind Gold Media are Arshdeep Singh, Deep Grewal, Swapan Monga and Anmol Monga who are consistently giving their best by producing the biggest musical hits.
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